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Catch Sorry Pete Live on Stage

Date to be confirmed

Kerr Street, Oakville

Licensed event (must be 19 bla bla bla)


All recordings are live.
Title Original Artist Date Comments mp3

Nov 8 - Steinberg ur824 and Reaper DAW - guitars not quite right. Ignorant peaking on final render.

Nov 15 - Much better levels on the guitars. Peaking limited to a few db only on render.

Dec 6 - Got the tech figured out

Honky Tonk Women Rolling Stones Dec 6 2018  
My Mistake The King Bees Dec 6 2018  
House of Wolves Ross Dec6 2018  
Let's Shake Teenage Head Dec 6 2018  
Summer of 69 Bryan Adams Dec 6 2018  
Sea of Destiny Ross Dec 6 2018  
Creep Radiohead Dec 6 2018  
Jenny 867-5309 Tommy Tutone Dec 6 2018  
Midsummer Night Ross Dec 6 2018  
Runnin Down a Dream Tom Petty Dec 6 2018  
Smoke Break (not a song)
Title Original Artist Date Comments Knock Yourself Out
Learn to Fly Foo Fighters Nov 15 2018 It will get better
Something on My Mind Teenage Head Nov 8 2018  
Back to You Bryan Adams Nov 15 2018 Dig that rythmn guitar
Picture My Face Teenage Head Nov 15 2018 "I thought were
joking around." JP
Try Blue Rodeo Nov 15 2018 Paulo hits it out of the park
Hieroglyphics Ross Nov 15 2018 Yay!
Blind Man Cry Deep Purple Not recorded Jon on vocals!  
Last Shot Fired Ross Nov 15 2018 Love that Shure
SM57 on the snare
Last Kiss The Cavaliers/Pearl Jam Nov 15 2018 spontaneous jam
Hurts So Good John Cougar Nov 15 2018  
Closing Time SemiSonic Dec 6 2018 Laptop went to sleep, darn it

Sorry Pete are

(right to left, starting with the guy with the beer)

Guitars, Vocals, Booking - Ross

Guitars, Vocals, Tambo - Jon

Bass, Vocals,Transportation - Paulo

Drums, Vocals, Sound Tech, Website - Petrovskovitch

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All Copyright Sorry Pete 2018 Except for Other People's Songs We Butcher